Apparel pickup will be Aug. 17th – 21st from 10 A.M. –12 P.M. and from 1 P.M. - 3 P.M. at the tournament office: 2651 Farragut Dr. Springfield. When you arrive in the parking lot, call the Tournament Office at (217) 670-2910. Someone will bring the items to your car. Please do not enter the building. If you cannot make it for one of the designated times, please contact Tanya Cooper to make other arrangements.

NO orientation meetings will be held this year. Walking scorers will be emailed a YouTube video regarding instructions for their assignment. All questions about the video may be directed to your committee chair. All other volunteers should contact their committee chair or Tanya Cooper if they have questions pertaining to their assignments.

Only volunteers that are working and performing their volunteer tasks will be permitted to be onsite. No one will be permitted to arrive early or stay after their shift to watch golf or come on a day they are not assigned to work for any reason.

A medical screening process is mandatory for every person arriving on site. This will include a daily health questionnaire and daily thermal screening. If an individual presents with an elevated temperature (over 100.4) during the thermal screen, a protocol for further screening will be implemented. Should the individual continue to register an elevated temperature, they will not be allowed admittance to the tournament site.

• There will be no shuttle buses provided for the 2020 tournament.
• All parking will be done on-street within the Panther Creek Subdivision.
• Caddies, volunteers, and staff will walk to the common area of the tournament; however, if you need assistance getting from your parking location to the course, you may request a pick-up. After parking your car, call (217) 836-2047.
• DO NOT block fire hydrants, driveways or mailboxes or your vehicle may be towed.

• Volunteers should check-in at the COUNTRY Financial Volunteer Headquarters which will be located in a tent near the putting green/practice range.
• Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled time so that you are in position for the start of your shift.
• All volunteers will be provided with a disposable face mask, as well as sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

• Volunteers will receive one cloth face mask from the tournament that may be taken home and laundered each night.
• Disposable face masks will be provided to all attendees if they arrive without them.
• When 6 feet of social distancing cannot be maintained, attendees will be required to wear a face mask.
• Over 40 different hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the tournament grounds.
• All portable restrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the course of the day.
• Gloves will be provided to any personnel or volunteer handling food and beverage or distributing wristbands, etc.

• Men must wear the official Lincoln Land Championship Tee Shirt with khaki or black slacks or shorts.
• Women must wear the official Lincoln Land Championship Tee Shirt with khaki or black slacks, capris, or shorts.
• Footwear with spikes is NOT permitted! Rain gear and appropriate skin protection is the responsibility of each volunteer.

• All volunteer meals will be served in the COUNTRY Financial Volunteer Headquarters located in a tent near the putting green/practice range.
• Continental breakfast and lunch will be grab-and-go.
• Menus will be provided as we get closer to the event so you can plan accordingly.